Leigh Emmett

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by my page and checking out what I do best, hope you enjoyed it! Since you’ve made it to this page, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Leigh Emmett, a Milwaukee based photographer, sports enthusiast and Emma Watson’s unofficial doppleganger.

I’ve traced my love for photography back to my high school years. A certain digital arts class gave me a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, which carried over into my college career. Even though I will never stop learning and growing in my trade, I owe a lot of my “fine tuning” to my time at Carroll University where I graduated with a BS in Photography with a minor in Graphic Design and Sociology. While studying at CU, I spent 4 semesters as a photographer for the athletic department as well as the Photography Editor for Carroll’s student-run newspaper. Go Pios!

After graduating, I took a job with Visual Image Photography(VIP) which gave me tons of opportunities to flex my creative muscles – and learn new techniques as well.

Covering sports is what I love the most. Don’t be mistaken, I love all aspects of the job – watching a newly married couple walk back down the aisle, catching the surprised look of a certain birthday person, or exploring new places for senior portraits – but there’s just something about finding the rhythm of a basketball game, or catching a perfect save from a goalie that keeps me coming back for more.

If I’m not out shooting, you can find me on a soccer field at Uihlein or hiking around in one of Wisconsin’s gorgeous parks.

That’s enough about me for now, I’d like to know more about you!

Got something you want me to shoot? Give me a call! Send me an email! Let’s connect so I can help you capture the “picture perfect” moments that life has to offer.